Main Stats

Goes over the skills that is upgraded by leveling these stats. One from each stat category will be selected upon character creation but other skill from a category can be added through either the player’s selected class or by increasing the stat by 10.

STR or Strength

Intimidation, Lifting, Grapple, Overclock

AGI or Agility

Evade, Climb, Swim, Sprint

DEX or Dexterity

Sleight of Hand, Parry, Strike Inertia, Finesse

INT or Intelligence

Investigation, Knowledge, Intuition, Judgement

CHAR or Charisma

Bluff, Diplomacy, Performance, Persuasion

DEF or Defense

Resistance, Blocking, Poise, Energy Tolerance


This section will cover everything in regard to battles in the campaign


Initiative is what determines turn order. How initiative is determined is by the players all rolling one 20 sided dice along with the enemies. The turn order will go from whoever rolled the highest number to the person who rolled the lowest. This roll is modified by the player’s class, AGI, or INT.

Success and Failure

Basic rolls for success and failure will use the 20 sided die to determine success. When performing an action the user will roll the 20 sided dice. If the dice lands on 1-10 then it means that action is a failure. If the dice lands on 11-20 then it is a success. Modification varies

Critical Effects

Criticals occur when the player rolls a 20 on the 20 sided dice. If that happens then the player gets to roll the 20 sided die twice for additional damage. If the player rolls a 1 on the 20 sided die then it will count as a critical failure that can result in self injury, depending on the action, and instantly ends the player’s turn.


During your turn, you can move x amount of spaces depending on your class. This kind of action can be done at any point during your turn.

Standard Action

Standard actions are fundamental actions that govern basic attacks and abilities in the game. This also applies to transformations. (2 per turn # cannot be modified)

Swift Action

Swift Actions occur much faster than Standard actions and occur within certain class abilities and DEX based weaponry. (1 per turn # can be modified by stats and class abilities)


If a player is dumb, unlucky or nooby enough to die then the others will have one round to revive that player. If the player who is downed is not revived then the player will DIE (duh duh duhhhh). Players also cannot be downed twice in one encounter. If this occurs then the player will DIE (oh myyy :o)


In order to use stealth the user must cannot be in a detectable position (so you can’t sneak if the mofo is looking right at you dum dum). If the user meets the requirements to enter stealth then the user can roll a d20 for their success in this action using any appropriate modifiers. While active, if you are near an enemy, then their perception is rolled with disadvantage. If the enemy succeeds or you fail then stealth is broken. Sneak attacks will add 2d6 additional damage. This damage can be increased by class abilities and stats.

Non Combat

This outlines the mechanics outside of combat.

Crafting and Chemicals

Crafting and chemistry require the player to gather materials in order for them to work properly. Using these materials the player can either make an item from scratch or modify a preexisting item.


When in conversations the player can roll different skills (see Char stat skills). Keep in mind that one should remain in character whilst conversing and should at least attempt to act out how their char would react to certain scenarios (within your comfort zone of course)


Shops are available in all cities and some settlements throughout the game. Here one can purchase and upgrade items. Shops include: Nightclubs, General Store, Hardware Store, Pharmacy, Black Market, Weapon Dealer, Armorer, and Vehicle Dealers.


Loot is distributed equally to all players that pursue it and is usually randomized at the lower levels with a small chance of getting a Master Crafted item. Chances of better loot is increased against stronger mobs and bosses.


To succeed in this world, networking is necessary and one will need to make many allies. In order to make new allies you need to raise that person’s affinity for you through conversation/doing tasks for them. Affinity ranges from 1, which is completely loathing you, to 10, which is borderline infatuation. CHAR increases the rate of affinity growth in a person. Keep in mind that you guys will not be able to see the number for a person’s affinity of you unless you have certain abilities.

Missions and Operations

If you find yourself at a loss of what to do remember that there are plenty of operations that can be done throughout the world. To pick up an operation you can either visit a Mercenary Club, speak with an NPC that you’d like to work for, look at a job board, or join up with a faction and follow that faction storyline.

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