At level 5, the Biotechnician can charge their nanomachines with heavy amounts of ATP and electricity granting them +5 toward physical checks and +10 added onto their ATK. (costs 6)


At level 5, the Biotechnician can send a swarm of nanomachines at the enemy and use them to drain the enemies’ essential nutrients which are delivered back to the user, thus, draining 3d6 HP from the enemy. (costs 7)

Locust Vortex

At level 5, the Biotechnician can create a vortex, made out of nanomachines, that will constantly revolve around them for 1d4 rounds. If the enemy touches these nanomachines then they will take 1d6 per round. This ability will stack if the enemy touches the swarm more than once (MaxStack: 5) (costs 8)

Cybernetic Overdrive 1: Bionic Mutation

At level 5, the Biotechnician can recall all nanomachines back into their body increasing their raw DEF by 30 and their AC by 40. While active, the Biotechnician goes into a Berserk state where they have +25 STR and every melee attack that they land successfully drains 10 hp from the enemy and gives it to the user. Nanomachine attacks can still be used in this state but their range is halved in exchange for dealing twice the damage. (costs 18)

Mechanical Reincarnation

At level 7, the Biotechnician can construct appendages, made out of nanomachines that fuse together, that can replace limbs or create entirely new ones. If this kind of limb is destroyed then the nanomachines that were used for it will disperse and attack all enemies in melee range of the user. (costs 6)

Hive Bomb

At level 9, the Biotechnician creates a giant ball of nanomachines that they can fire at enemy dealing 4d12. Any enemy, that has been successfully hit by this attack, will take a constant 4d6 every round after this attack lands for 1d8 rounds. (costs 9)

Apocalyptic Swarm

At level 10, the Biotechnician can fill the battlefield with nanomachines making the enemies vision poor and making them take a constant 4d10 every round and heal you for +10 per round. This ability is canceled if you are knocked prone or unconcious (costs 20)

Cybernetic Overdrive 2: Bionic Mutation

At level 10, the Biotechnician evolves to the point where their DEF is increased by 50, AC by 60, and have +50 STR. On top of their power enhancements, they also have nanomachines revolving around their fists that are razor sharp and will inflict an additional 30 bleed to the enemy and will drain 20 hp from the enemy and give it back to the user. Nanomachine abilities also deal twice the damage and have their normal range. (costs 35)



At level 5, the Biotechnician can add nanomachines to poisons to double the effectiveness of it and make it harder to resist. This effect also works with cures and healing items.

Micro Transistor

At level 7, the Biotechnician can send nanomachines into allies to grant them any benefits that involve nanomachines. (Mitochondriarch, Feast, Bionic Mutation, Mechanical Reincarnation)


At level 9, the Biotechnician can infuse their nanomachines with chemicals to allow them to inflict certain effects on enemies. (poisons, cures, healing, etc.)



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