-Son of the leader of the Havok pilots, Peter Garrison

-Master of building mechs and machines

-Provides numerous arms to third parties

-Extremely passionate about engineering


Centipede always had a knack for building mechs and machines for military use ever since he was a child. While young, Centipede went by the name, Simon Garrison and once stood strong for the Havok Pilots as a hero. That is, until he starts to get heavy repercussions from overusing his mech resulting in his legs being permanently disabled. After he became disabled, Simon was dismissed from the Havok Pilots but that didn’t stop him. Without permission from the organization, Simon continued to invent mechs shelling out millions to third party organizations to build his stuff until he comes across the ancient mech…Paragon X Prime. With the X Prime, Garrison seizes control of the other mechs and uses them to enact justice…in his way.


Centipede is known for being extremely quick witted and will not hesitate to wise crack at his opponents when he sees fit. Despite how snarky he is, Centipede can be very understanding of others when he wants to be and lacks the blood lust of the other members of the 13. However, he’s also been known to build weapons of mass destruction for the Brotherhood which have killed hundreds and doesn’t even lose sleep.

The 13th Brotherhood


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