-Known for being extremely random and chaotic

-Gets bored easily

-Master of reality manipulation

-Would be higher in the 13th Brotherhood if it wasn’t for his insanity


Havan, before the 13, was a quantum physicist that worked for the Steeldrex Company under the name Ben Halder. While working for Steeldrex, Ben had a growing obsession with the idea of creating his own reality and eventually sought out the power to do so. Visiting the extraterrestrial lord, Stelvion, Ben made a deal with him that granted him the power to create his own reality but at the expense of his sanity (Stelvion was drunk at the time). After Stelvion grants Ben this power, Ben quickly loses all sanity turning into his clown alter ego…Havan.


Havan is very chaotic and random lacking any form of planning or common sense in his actions. Due to this, many that fight him find him hard to predict. Often, Havan toys with his opponents annoying them to the end of their wit before he finishes them. Havan also grows bored very quickly and is known to kill others at random for his own…stimulation.

The 13th Brotherhood


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