Level 1

Pump It Up

The Incubus unleashes a wave of sound energy that increase the parties ATK by half their CHAR stat. (costs 4)

Pulse Beam

The Incubus fires a beam that deals CHARx2 in damage to the enemy (costs 5)

(Passive) Rollin’ In Style

The Incubus has +4 persuade, diplomacy, bluff and seduction

Level 3

Healing Frequency

The Incubus heals the party by 2d4 (costs 5)

Sound Armor

The Incubus gives themself or a party member an overshield that has durability = to the Incubus’s CHAR stat. (costs 8)

(Passive) Party Mascot

The Incubus gets one additional action to use non damaging abilities only

Level 5

Alpha Wave

The Incubus sends out a sound wave that inflicts confusion on the enemy (costs 7)

Archetype Ability 1

Reserved for archetype

Archetype Ability 2

Reserved for archetype

Archetype Ability 3

Reserved for archetype

Archetype Passive

Reserved for archetype

Cybernetic Overdrive 1

Determined by archetype

Level 7

(Passive) Echolocation

The Incubus has super hearing allowing him or her to detect even the most faint of sounds adding +5 to perception

Archetype Ability 4

Reserved for archetype

Sound Missile

The Incubus fires a giant missile, made of sound, that deals CHAR times 2 and has +5 AOE (costs 7)

Archetype Passive

This slot is reserved for archetype passive

Level 9

Neon Pulse

The Incubus channels neon energy through their body granting the team +2 energy per turn switch (costs 8)

Archetype Ability 5

Reserved for archetype

Bassline Pump

The Incubus slams their weapon into the ground sending a powerful wave of energy through it that has +5 AOE. If the enemy is hit then they will be sent up into the air allowing for an attack of opportunity from you or another party member. (costs 9)

(Passive) Wow Factor

The Incubus’s abilities have a 10% chance of striking the enemy with awe granting an attack of opportunity

Level 10

Cybernetic Overdrive Level 2

This slot is reserved to the archetype’s awakening


The Incubus manifests a giant sound meteor above the battlefield that grows over time. Every round the attack’s damage increases by 5d12 (MAX: 100d12). When ready, the user can command the meteor to fall upon the battlefield sending anything in it’s way to the void. (costs 16)

Archetype Ultimate

Reserved for archetype ULT


Seismic Acolyte



Psycho Manipulator

Neon Rider

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