Pulsonic Field

At level 5, the Watcher generates a field around themself that pushes enemies away within 5 ft. (costs 6)

Phantom Arrow

At level 5, the Watcher can fire a bullet that has kinetic energy coating it. When the bullet collides with an object it will transform into a phantom with a bow that will continuously fire arrows at enemies. The arrows have bypass and deal damage = to the INT stat. (costs 8)

Bullet Portal

At level 5, the Watcher can open a portal that fires a barrage of bullets at the enemy with +3 AOE and INTx2 damage (costs 7)

Cybernetic Overdrive 1: Power of the Rift

At level 5, the Watcher can conjure ancient powers and manifest 1d6 phantoms to assist them in combat. While active, the user gains active camo during the first round and the phantoms deal the same amount of damage as the ones from “Phantom Arrow”. (costs 16)

Black Hole Bullet

At level 7, the Watcher fires a bullet that transforms into a black hole on impact dealing INTx4 in additional damage and pulling enemies withing 20ft 10ft towards it. (costs 6)

Watcher’s Ritual

At level 9, the Watcher can fire five bullets at the enemy that have beams of energy connecting them that form the shape of a pentagram. When successful the user snaps their fingers and the pentagram explodes dealing 15d20 raw phasic damage. (costs 20)

Bullet Dimension

At level 10, the Watcher can trap the enemy inside of dimension where there is nothing but bullets flying around resulting in the enemy take 1d100 damage. (costs 30)

Cybernetic Overdrive 2: Power of the Rift

At level 10, the Watcher can generate 1d12 phantoms and now is invisible during the duration of the awakening. While active, the phantoms now deal twice their original damage and are cannot be hurt by physical damage. (costs 35)


Phasic Master

At level 5, the Watcher can teleport gains +2 movement and evasion


At level 7, the Watcher’s phantom will now explode upon death dealing 10d8 damage

Rift Bullets

At level 9, the Watcher’s bullets have a 15% chance to ignore armor



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