-Zharia once was a woman…now she’s a virus

-She cannot die

-Is the first ghoul to ever be created and, thus, resides in all existing ghouls

-Can grow and feed on anything


Zharia was a young beautiful venisian girl that got captured by the scientist, Drexin Garvner and experimented on due to having a near “perfect” set of genes. During this research, Drexin turned Zharia into something called a ghoul by accident whilst studying immortality and its possibilities. Having discovered something amazing, Drexin continued to create more and more ghouls using Zharia’s DNA to the point where ghouls started to overtake many parts of Earth. Unfortunately, for Zharia, the infection completely overtook her reducing her mind to a more primal state and she completely loses all of her humanity becoming the avatar for the ghoul virus.


Zharia is like a virus. Her objective is to simply eat and reproduce, however, she is capable of forming symbiotic relationships with others if it means that she gets to spread the infection more.

The 13th Brotherhood


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