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Commandos are versatile soldiers that are capable of using every weapon in the game and are useful in all situations with a variety of skills to govern for plethora of scenarios. Lore: Many men have made into military service but few have the skill to become a Commando. Commandos are the best of the best and are hand picked by some of the most prominent generals galaxy wide.


Berserkers are high damage and high defense powerhouses that can completely devastate a battlefield with heavy weapons or a powerful melee weapon. The ideal tank for those that prefer that role. Lore: The Berserkers are people who survived a special cybernetic test, called “Project RAGE”. After Project RAGE, most Berserkers were killed off by the man who invented them in fear that they would grow too powerful but, in the end, he could not kill them all.


Rangers have the longest range in the game and have devastatingly high damage with ranged weaponry. Great for taking down single targets with high burst DPS potential. Lore: There is an old discontinued optic cybernetic, called the Marksman’s Eye, that all Rangers possess. With this eye, rangers are able to achieve a near impossible level of focus during their operations.


Incubus have great AOE support and sabotage abilities that allow them to be great in any team. Naturally, this class favors those that like utility over damage. Lore: The Incubus has small pulsating cybernetics in their body that allow them to charm others and unleash powerful sound waves. This technology was originally intended for entertainment and advertising but has recently been militarized after this technology’s true power has been realized.


Synergists are great supports and are masters of creating medicine and poisons. This class is great for anyone looking to be a healer or alchemist type of character. Lore: Synergists are responsible for many of technology’s breakthroughs due to a special chip that gives them access to dormant parts of their brain. Some even say that Synergists have taken on psychic powers due their level of insight.

Martial Artist

Martial Artists are highly mobile units that are capable of dealing devastating combos at close range. This particular class is quite advanced but can be amazing if properly used with game breaking damage at late game. Lore: Martial Artists are people with reflex mods on their bodies that allows them to evade and parry bullets! However, before one can become a Martial Artist, they must meet several physical prerequisites to avoid any injury from the cybernetics. Due to this, few have made it into being a true Martial Artist.


Infiltrators are masters of stealth and high burst DPS. As you might have guessed, this class is great for those that play rogues and assassins but can be difficult if you are not careful how you play. Lore: The Infiltrators were first seen shortly after the Extraterrestrial Lords appeared. It is said that there was a “ninja-like” unit that they had when the visited Earth that inspired their creation. Since then, Infiltrators have been a staple in operations throughout the history of this universe.


Operators use masters of crafting and vehicle operation. This is class goes well with those that like to play artificers or summoner type characters due to the way this class works. Lore: Throughout history, the Operators have been responsible for this world’s innovation and evolution making them have great importance to the world today. They are said to be as intelligent as the Synergist but they lack the intuition that the Synergists have. Instead Operators have an unnatural skill in solving problems and producing innovative ideas and inventions that all will benefit from.


Channellers manipulate the elements to devastate their foes with power active skills as well as inflict many different offensive damage types to the enemy. This class is recommended for those that like to play mages and sorcerers. Lore: Channellers have an affinity with the Extraterrestrial Lords themselves allowing them to channel some of their power. Channellers are high priority targets for those that are after the extraterrestrial lords but those that face them unprepared regret ever crossing paths with one.



Humans originate on Earth and are dwindling in population, due to terrible conditions on their home planet.


Martians originate from Mars and are very few in number but known for being very intellectual. They tend to live in hiding, due to the 13th Brotherhood.


The Saturnians are what make up most of the Solar System’s forces due to their versatility. They are known for their widespread influence throughout the universe.


The Venisian live on Venus and have high amounts of heat resistance They are known for their exotic beauty and their dark skin.


The Androids are built by a multitude of races in order to simulate a living person. They often are programmed as servants but, on rare occasions, they can develop their own way of thinking and become independant.

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