Level 1

Smoke Bomb

The Infiltrator spends one stem grenade to create a smoke screen that lasts 1d6 seconds allowing them to roll for stealth (costs 8)


The Infiltrator throws a group of 5 knives into a target dealing 1d20 bleed every round. (costs 6)

(Passive) Spectre

The Infiltrator has a +4 toward stealth rolls and their footsteps are silent

Level 3

Shadow Step

The infiltrator teleports 5ft in any direction and briefly turns invisible for 3 seconds. (costs 4) (CAN BE USED TO EVADE)


The Infiltrator, while in stealth, delivers a powerful normal attack that deals twice the damage. (costs 10)

(Passive) Killing Instinct

The Infiltrator deals an extra 5 bonus rolls on sneak attacks

Level 5


The Infiltrator’s body turns transparent for 1d10 seconds (costs 10)

Archetype Ability 1

Reserved for archetype

Archetype Ability 2

Reserved for archetype

Archetype Ability 3

Reserved for archetype

Archetype Passive

Reserved for archetype

Cybernetic Overdrive

Determined by archetype

Level 7

Poison Blade Storm

The Infiltrator throws 1d10 blades at the enemy that stack 1d6 poison each on hit. (costs 8)

(Passive) Ninja

The Infiltrator moves twice as fast while in stealth

Archetype ability 4

Determined by archetype

Archetype Passive

Determined by archetype

Level 9

Killing Ground

The Infiltrator marks 60 square ft of territory. If an enemy is within that territory then the Infiltrator deals +3d8 to that enemy (costs 6)

Machina Escape

As a swift action, the Infiltrator can do a back flip and throw 1d4 stun kunai into the enemy that is pursuing them (costs 4)

Archetype ability 5

Determined by archetype

Archetype passive

Determined by archetype

Level 10

Cybernetic Overdrive 2

Determined by archetype

Archetype Ultimate

Determined by archetype

Stealth Kill

The Infiltrator, while in stealth, observes one enemy for 3 rounds and, on the fourth round, can deliver a powerful sneak attack that deals 5x the damage. (costs 20)


Dark Stalker





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