Martial Artist

Martial Artist



Level 1

CQC Stance

The Martial Artist takes on their melee stance granting them an additional 2 attacks during their turn but they cannot use ranged or support abilities while is active. (costs 4)

1 2 3…….4!

The Martial Artist quickly does a four hit combination on an enemy within melee range. The fourth attack of this combo will deal twice the damage. (costs 6)

(Passive) Fly Like a Butterfly

The Martial Artist has +4 evade against attacks in melee range.

Level 3

Power Kick

The Martial Artist flies forward 2 spaces and kicks whatever is in front of them dealing 4 times their STR stat and knocks the enemy back 1d6. SWIFT (costs 6)

Lung Strike

The Martial Artist strikes the enemy in the lungs dealing their fist damage plus their STR and DEX modifiers to the enemy as well direct damage to the enemies ENG = to your STR and DEX modifiers. (costs 6)

(Passive) Counter Striker

The Martial Artist’s counter hits deal double damage.

Level 5

Archetype Ability 1

Reserved for archetype

Archetype Ability 2

Reserved for archetype

Archetype Ability 3

Reserved for archetype

Cybernetic Overdrive 1

Determined by archetype

Archetype Passive

Determined by archetype

Rising Moon

The Martial Artist delivers a blow that knocks the enemy up into the air allowing for an additional attack while the is falling back down. CANNOT USE RISING MOON AGAIN TO JUGGLE (costs 7)

Level 7

Tornado Kick

The Martial Artist delivers a spiralling kick that hits all enemies in melee range of them. (costs 3)

(Passive) Final Strike

The attack, on your final action for the round, deals twice the damage.

Archetype Ability 4

Determined by archetype

Archetype Passive

Determinded by archetype

Level 9

Solid Sense

The Martial Artist can temporarily increase their evade by 5 (costs 7)

(Passive) Heat of the Moment

The Martial Artist has +2 toward all checks while fighting in melee range.


The Martial Artist sacrifices 10 hp to grant themselves +10 ENG per round (cost N/A)

Archetype Ability 5

Determined by archetype

Archetype Passive

Determined by archetype

Level 10

Archetype Ultimate

Determined by archetype

Cybernetic Overdrive 2

Determined by archetype

Ultimate Combination

The Martial Artist grabs the enemy and throws them into the air. While the enemy is airborne the Martial Artist jumps up into the air and rapidly strikes them ending their combination with a powerful slam back down to the ground. This combo deals 2d20 times fist damage. (costs 25)


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Martial Artist

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