Level 1


The Synergist sends special enzymes into themselves or a team that speed up healing granting +10 HP per rounds for 1d4 rounds. (costs 6)

Adrenaline Boost

The Synergist sends lightning through themselves or an ally to increase their STR, DEX, AGI and DEF by their INT stat divided by 4. (costs 5)

Analyst (Passive)

The Synergist can has +3 towards investigation, research, knowledge and perception

Level 3

Mutation Enzyme (Passive)

The Synergist gains the ability to craft mutation enzymes that can be distributed in used ,in a number of ways, using raw materials for chemistry

Medicine Creation (Passive)

The Synergist’s extensive knowledge on medicines allow them to craft brand new meds to cure disease and other hindrances as well as create stronger forms of the HP solution. This is also done through the chemistry mechanic.

Optic Diagnosis

The Synergist can figure out an unknown status effect through simple examination (costs 5)

Level 5

Strain Buffer (Passive)

The Synergist can create buffers that have extremely deadly toxins and viruses in them by using the chemistry mechanic.

Archetype Ability 1

Reserved For Archetype

Archetype Ability 2

Reserved For Archetype

Archetype Ability 3

Reserved For Archetype

Archetype Passive

Reserved For Archetype

Cybernetic Overdrive: 1

Reserved For Archetype

Level 7

Educated Prediction

The Synergist can analyze an enemy at the beginning of their upkeep granting them +3 success against that enemy for one round. (costs 6)

Archetype Ability 4

Reserved For Archetype

Archetype Passive

Reserved For Archetype

Psychologicallly Savvy (Passive)

The Synergist is able to sense his or her opponents motives, emotions and possible shortcomings with a simple knowledge check

Level 9

Vision of Apollo (Passive)

The Synergist can now predict the outcomes of unknown chemistry mixes and decipher unknown mixes that are already made through simple observation.

Snakeblood (Passive)

The Synergist cannot be effected by poisons and toxins that they have been hit by before.

Touch of God (Passive)

The Synergist has +10 towards supportive actions targeting party members

Archetype Passive

Reserved for Archetype

Level 10

Cybernetic Overdrive: 2

Reserved For Archetype

Archetype Ultimate

Reserved For Archetype

Quantum Forsight

The Synergist goes into a state where they have guaranteed success on all knowledge based rolls and can see 5 minutes into the future, infinitely into the past and can view the two neighboring dimensions. (costs 25)





Cosmic Theorist


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